8:50 am                                    Doors open


9:00 am                                    Quiet table activities


9:15 am                                    Jesus Time: Bible story, prayer, singing


9:30 am                                    Large motor time: Outside play or “gym” time


10:15 am                                  Nutritional Snack


10:30 am                                  Circle/Story Time: Calendar, weather, letter of the

                                                week activities, music


10:45 am                                  Center Time
Art – Create with a variety of materials

                                                Literacy – Books, writing

                                                Blocks – Trucks, trains, etc.

                                                Dramatic Play – Kitchen, dress-up, puppets

                                                Science/Math – puzzles, games, discovery


11:45 am                                  Music


12:00 pm                                 Closing Prayer and Dismissal


12:00 – 12:30 pm                Lunch Bunch (for High 5’s) (M/W/F)


12:30 pm                                  Afternoon High 5’s outdoor time


1:10 pm                                    Quiet Time


1:30 pm                                    Literacy activities (story extensions, creative writing, etc.)


2:00 pm                                    Center Time (Art, Construction, Discovery, Dramatic Play, Math, Science)


2:50 pm                                    Class meeting/review of the day


3:00 pm                                    Dismissal of afternoon class (M/W/F)